Here is a list of Frequently Asked questions on our server. If you have any questions that you cant find here, then trying searching the FAQ section on the forum.

1. What version of World of Warcraft does Red’s Realm use?

Answer: We are fully patched to 3.3.5a!

2. How do I register to play on your realm?

Answer: Check out the “Join Us” link in the menu above.

3. Does it cost anything to play on Red’s Realm?

Answer: Not at all!

4. HELP! When I select a character of mine on the mini-manager, it doesn’t work!

Answer: If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again. Sometimes the website doesn’t take the first time.

5. I’ve tried logging in but it doesn’t work.

Answer: Check to see if the server is up. If it is, double check that you have put the correct username and password in. If that doesn’t work, close your client and load it up again.

6. HELP! I’ve found a bug and can’t complete a quest!

Answer: submit a ticket by typing /gm in your chat bar, click on “Talk to a GM”, then “Open a Ticket.” Tell us about your issue, submit the ticket, and a GM will be glad to help you out. Please do not list anything less than 5 bugs in one ticket. Also please post the bug in the bug section of the forum.

7. Can I transfer my character from another server?

Answer: Yes, you can! Please refer to this forum topic for the proper way to do it. Character Migration

8. I can’t get into the chatroom. Why not?

Answer: Just type in a username. Don’t use a password.