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 Post subject: Quel'Delar chain quests
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:30 am 
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Quest: Thalorien Dawnseeker (#24535)
Start: Halduron Brightwing (#37527)
Ends: Halduron Brightwing (#37527)

Objective: Visit Thalorien Dawnseeker's Remains and obtain his blessing to wield Quel'Delar.

◾ Thalorien's Blessing obtained

If you truly bear Quel'Delar, <name>, I might be able to admit you to the Sunwell. If you know the blade's history, you recall that it was borne by Thalorien Dawnseeker in defense of the Sunwell against the Scourge. He fell in what is now the Dead Scar, buying time for his men to make their own preparations. You will find his remains near the southern end of the Dead Scar on this isle. Visit them, and if his spirit gives you its blessing, I will allow you to enter the Sunwell.

Also, you get: 7g 40s
I confess that I did not expect Thalorien's spirit to recognize you as the heir to Quel'Delar, but I defer to his judgment. You may enter the Sunwell, but I remind you that you are a guest in the most our most sacred of precincts, and you should act accordingly.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
◾22050 experience (13g 23s at max. level)

When you get this quest, you're suppose to be in a different phase , so when you get to the Dead Scar ,the place is suppose to be without undeads and demons; that never happens.
Also there is an npc representing the remains of Thalorien Dawnseeker , and it is suppose to be an object the remains of him, not an npc. Once you click the remains,it is suppose to start an event, where you need to protect Thalorien Dawnseeker ,so you can get the blessing from him.

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